Every family needs

a safe place to call home

Preventing Homelessness for Seattle Families


What do you need right now to be stably housed?

Every situation is different. Your or your family might be facing homelessness because you’ve lost your job and can’t pay rent, because you have to get away from domestic violence, or because you don’t have the childcare or transportation you need to get to work. We are not here to judge, we are here to help.

Our service focus is families and unaccompanied youth in Seattle Public Schools.  If you qualify for services and are at imminent risk of homelessness, we may be able to assist you.


Who can qualify for the program? 

All Seattle Kids Home works with families that meet all of these criteria:

  • In imminent danger of losing your current housing
  • Currently living in King County
  • A parent OR guardian living with a child
  • Connected to Seattle Public Schools

Our goal is to prevent families and children from suffering the trauma of homelessness. Stable housing means that children have the chance to grow, thrive and learn.

About us: All Seattle Kids Home

We provide critical resources to help families remain in safe housing or find new housing.

Our first step is to help you keep your family safe. We can then connect you with many different services and supports so that you regain and maintain stability.

When you contact us, you’ll talk to our Case Manager. Our Case Manager will meet privately with you to find out about your housing, your family’s needs and your financial resources. Together, you and the Case Manager will come up with a plan to prevent your family from becoming homeless.

We know that being at risk of homelessness can be an emergency.

If you are facing a housing emergency, please contact us NOW!

What help can All Seattle Kids Home provide?

What does your family need right now to prevent homelessness? .

Depending on what your family needs, we can negotiate with your landlord, help with budgeting, and connect you with job training or employment coaching for a full-time, livable wage job. We can help you find subsidized child care, transportation to work, or a GED or ELL class. We can help you move somewhere safe, or help you with things like new locks and alarms if you want to stay where you are.

Our goal is to help you get your family back on track, with knowledge, confidence, new resources, and peace of mind. With services and plans that are tailored to the needs of each family, our participants become equipped to maintain self-sufficiency, stability and housing.

Frequent Questions

My kids and I are being evicted.  Can you help us?


Yes, if you qualify for our program, there are things that we can do right now to prevent eviction. We can help you get caught up on rent, negotiate with your landlord, and make a plan to keep you in your home.

Don’t wait for the eviction to happen. Call us right now!

Our family had to move in with relatives.  We’re so overcrowded; we can’t cope here much longer. Can you help?


Yes, if you qualify for our program, we can work with you to help your family find stable, adequate housing, and keep it.

My work tools were stolen.  If I can’t work, I don’t know how I’ll pay my family’s rent next month. Is there anything you can do?


Yes, if you qualify for our program, there are a many things that we can do to help you keep your job so that you are able to pay your rent.  If your family is in danger of losing your housing, call us.

My child and I aren’t safe where we are now, but we can’t afford to move.  Should we contact you?


Yes, please call us right now.  If you qualify for our program, we can help you and your child move to a safe place, and help you to transition to a new, safe home.  We can give you emergency and long term housing support.  We can provide temporary emergency solutions and a path to safety and stability.


Contact us right now

Our case manager will begin an immediate assessment of your individual needs for housing support and homelessness prevention services.  All Seattle Kids Home can support you to stay in your current housing, or help you find someplace safe to live.

Phone number — (206)488-2692

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